Back Up – a solution

Back Up

Back Up is therefore a secure mobile application that wants to meet these 3 major challenges. This tool is used for:

 Reporting victims:

On the application, a rape victim can issue an alert. A very brief form is proposed to her: she can then explain what happened exactly (in several languages), geolocalize if she wishes, but also point out any possible injuries. The alert is then stored in a fully encrypted and secure database. It may subsequently be used as evidence if legal proceedings are initiated. When we receive this report, our teams can send the victim services adapted to the needs specified in the form (doctors, psychologists, lawyers, etc.). The master words are thus responsiveness and proactivity. The victim must be able to receive care quickly. Finally, Back Up also helps third parties to issue alerts. They may be the victim’s family circle, relatives, or field activists who witness situations of sexual violence.

 Coordination of the professionals involved:

Back Up also has a collaborative professional platform. This will enable the various professionals involved in the issue to exchange and coordinate their action. A lawyer can then call on a doctor to obtain medical evidence about the perpetration of a rape, a doctor can even contact psychologists ready to help victims for whom the psychological trauma is enormous. Back Up will thus create a large network of professionals capable of helping each other and passing on their skills.

 Collection of reliable information and data:

Through the numerous reports of victims, Back Up will eventually make it possible to establish reliable figures on war rape. The information will come directly from the field. It will also prove the systematic aspect of war rape. By analysing and cross-referencing the different reports, we can identify recurrent places and dates, units involved several times in this type of violence, and even the names of specific perpetrators. The more reports are recorded, the more data can be cross-referenced to prove that war rape is systematic.

Back Up intends to respond therefore to each challenge posed by war rape. A concrete solution that will have an impact on the ground. In short, a global solution with local impact.