General Presentation

Back Up

Back Up is WWoW’s flagship project and aims to be an effective solution adapted to the problems posed by war rape on the field.
A transversal response to this scourge must be proposed because war rape poses multiple challenges.
Back Up is therefore a mobile application that will enable the reporting of victims of war rape, the coordination of professionals involved in this issue, and the collection of reliable data on this phenomenon.

We firmly believe that the digital world can provide innovative and sustainable solutions for many causes. Even in some very remote areas, mobile and smartphones are accessible and are often the last link between the individual and his or her community, thus constituting a crucial social tool.
The Back Up is an encrypted and secure digital application that not only provides services adapted to victims, but also collects information that can bring to light evidence, an essential step in the event of prosecution of perpetrators.

The Back Up has generated great enthusiasm around us. It is indeed a tool adapted to the problem of sexual violence in conflict, and which could also be disseminated for other uses (other types of crime, violence on the migration route, domestic violence…).
This tool was presented to Brigitte Macron and to the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg during an official visit to Station F Campus in Paris. Interviews with our President and the Project Director were also widely broadcast. Finally, WWoW received two awards for the launch of this tool: the Microsoft Digital Transformation Prize and the Special Jury Prize on Digital Women’s Day 2018.

A first version of this tool exists and is already operational and in use. It must now be launched on the ground. In 2018-2019, we aim to conduct 5 pilot studies in the Central African Republic, Libya, Syria, Iraq and in Myanmar. Based on how we use the tool and the feedbacks we get, we can improve it and make it even easier to use.

But disseminating the tool in the field requires funding. To conduct these 5 pilot studies, we need 500 000€. With these funds, we will be able to launch the tool in the field, process the first reports, and analyze the feedbacks on how the tool is being used. We will then be able to work on a new version that will have to be developed and distributed even more widely.

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