Back Up Project

The BACK UP is a simple and effective digital tool designed to solve the three major issues of wartime rape.

  • Great difficulty for victims to report crimes and access care and social services
  • lack of coordination amongst the professionals involved
  • lack of reliable data on the extent of this crime worldwide (number of victims, location, dates, etc.)

BACK UP is a global solution for all victims of wartime rape. It provides support for victims at 360 ° degrees, from the commission of rape to the full reintegration of the victims into society.

The BACK UP is :

  • An instant messenger app that puts victims and professionals in touch
  • A secure data center
  • A professional social network

It is organised around three major features :

ASSIST : While victims are often in locations that are not easily accessible, the BACKUP makes it possible to locate them and put them in direct contact with competent professionals who can meet their medical, health and legal needs.

ALERT : The BACK UP offers the possibility for witnesses, activists, investigators, lawyers or anyone else to become whistleblowers and report a crime : with their information, WWoW and other local professionals can analyse the situation in the field.

The platform thus makes it possible to link victims, witnesses, whistleblowers, but also all professionals and competent experts ; it also allows them to interact and offer solutions to respective needs . The BACK UP offers a secure data center that stores information and offers legal advice service to guide investigators.

COORDINATE / FEDERATE : BACK UP hosts a network of professionals from around the world who can communicate with each other, help each other and work together in order to respond most effectively and specifically to the needs of each victim.

The aim is also to federate initiatives to avoid duplication and therefore offer a complete programme. This pillar will be directly linked to the International Observatory on Sexual Violence in Conflict, giving access to comprehensive information on wartime rape and provide the opportunity to contribute in a so-called collaborative professional manner. As well as the WWoW Expertise Center which offers services to organizations, states and professionals who request it, the Center also implements specific training modules.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a complete and fully secure tool that will allow the building of valid judicial files that can be submitted to the courts and, finally, offer victims the means to rebuild their lives by being actors of their reconstruction.