Center of Expertise

Raise awareness, inform and share our experience.

The expertise center aims to provide specific skills on the issues of sexual violence in conflict and more generally on issues of post-conflict justice, security . We also provide expertise related to investigation and prosecution of international crimes.

The center of expertise is made up of:

  • a training service (in the form of modules), mentoring and counseling for both institutions (European Union, United Nations, INTERPOL, States and their bodies, Universities, etc.) and members of civil society (activists / whistleblowers, lawyers, investigators, judges and prosecutors, etc.) to educate them to the issue of sexual violence in conflict, and more broadly to field-investigation techniques.
  • the Global Observatory on Sexual Violence in Conflict (OMVSC). The OMVSC is a resource center that gathers all information, reports, legislation, data, etc. that exists on wartime rape. It also aims to be a research center and publishes reports and analysis to document the extent of wartime rape in the world. This continuous monitoring and research will ultimately provide viable data and locally adapted solutions.

This center is based on a holistic vision of international criminal justice. It aims to accelerate the judicial process by offering expertise in the field (strong local networks created by Céline Bardet throughout her career), but also in cooperation with institutions and (inter ) national NGOs .

The center of expertise brings together a network of international experts, local and international NGOs. It offers conferences and training for journalists, security forces, the general public, professionals and public or private institutions.

The WWoW Center of Expertise has already been mandated by INTERPOL and by the European Union in 2016 and 2017.