Foster a Survivor

Join our programme, “Foster a Survivor”, it aims to support the survivors of wartime rape.

Most victims –men or woman, of wartime rape reject this label and consider themselves more as survivors. They are often an inspiring example of resilience and tenacity. Despite the extraordinary violence of these crimes and the distinctive trauma, it is essential not to reduce them to this “victim” status but rather to highlight their incredible strength, energy and abilities.


FOSTER A SURVIVOR is a network of support, mutual assistance and exchange. It was set up from your many messages asking us how to help rape victims and their children, how to participate in the fight against wartime rape.

As part of WWoW’s mission, FOSTER A SURVIVOR comes in after the work of the medical and judicial teams, once the trauma has been overcome . There is still a long way to go: we can not leave these survivors just by wishing them “good luck”. On the contrary, we want to give them the means to resume the course of their lives and become active agents of their community once again.

Sometimes, we don’t need much: a few tens, hundreds or thousands of euros to buy a bike to go to work, pay school fees for a child born from rape, buy a taxi to start a business, finance a professional training … FOSTER A SURVIVOR is this “little help” that will change their life, which will allow them to project positively in the future and fully take control of their life.

Organized in the form of sponsorship, FOSTER A SURVIVOR highlights the stories of these survivors and their personal project. Discover them, be this little help!

Make the difference and support the project of a survivor!