In the field

We work closely with but especially for local actors.

WWoW relies heavily on local structures: institutions, NGOs and independent actors for its field work ; it works differently than other international organisations.

Why ? Because WWoW is convinced that it is first and foremost at the local level that major impulses can be made, both in terms of prevention, care of victims and reconstruction of political and social structures. The work of memory and reconciliation can only be efficient if it is led by national actors.

WWoW aims to :

  • Provide legal and field expertise to support local initiatives
  • Train local actors in criminal investigation and documentation techniques
  • Create a network of survivors / activists attached to WWoW – as an umbrella NGO – but who carry out actions throughout the national territory
  • Strengthen partnerships between national structures and NGOs on the ground, to link the policy to civil society
  • Promote a holisitic support for survivors ; an example of which is through Re-Creation by Loba de Bolewa Sabourin, who uses art and dance as tools of social, psychic and physical transformation for women who have suffered sexual violence

If the field work can not be done completely without the support of international actors such as the United Nations, the European Union or NGO … etc, it is essential to reverse traditional relations in order to give national actors the means and the power to reinvest in their future and rebuild their state, especially for future generations.