Our vision


Our goal is to make rape as a weapon of war a global public issue by leading awareness campaigns and educating people about this organised process, and its consequences. Thus, we intervene in schools, universities and in various institutions (INTERPOL, UNESCO, OFPRA, United Nations, European Union …).


in recent years, the use of rape during conflict and its endemic nature, is mainly due to the impunity perpetrators have benefited from

To many, a conviction is often seen as a culmination ; but for the victims, the judicial process is only just the beginning, a prerequisite to rebuilding their lives.

We fight against impunity, the first cause of proliferation of rape as a weapon of war. We share our expertise with local actors (magistrates, police officers, etc.) and / or internationally because a trial for rape in the context of war requires an adapted legal framework, a particular expertise and a specific investigation path. We work alongside and provide our expertise to international institutions such as INTERPOL. We also take part in the writing and implementing of legislation with governments (DRC, Libya, Bosnia, Croatia …).


The trauma that comes from sexual violence is profound and unique ; it leads, amongst other things to family exclusion and social stigmatization. WWoW helps victims access the medical and psychological care they need . By assissting victims in building their careers and other projects, WWoW helps them find their place in society once again.

Moreover, the development of projects allows victims to reinstate a society they were excluded from after being raped. It’s only through dealing with the trauma, throught concrete activities with positive thoughts that victims will be able to retake control over their own lives .

These activities include developping a social and economic life. We also explore the use of virtual therapy (video games) and art (photography, theater) to work on trauma.