Our vision

Make the elimination of sexual violence during conflict a global public issue

  • Conduct, organise and support public awareness campaigns on the theme of sexual violence during conflict and its consequences.
  • We aim to inform on this organized thought-process which is recognised as a war crime, perhaps even a crime against humanity, especially when sexual violence is part of a genocidal process.

Fight impunity ; it’s the main reason for the spread of rapes

A trial for rape as a war crime requires special expertise and a specific investigation. It is necessary to train and especially to assist magistrates, prosecutors and local police in their process but also the victims (and their families) during the proceedings.

WWoW therefore wants to focus its priorities on:

  • sharing judicial expertise and support during lawsuits
  • Supporting local institutions to adopt the necessary and adapted legal frameworks and processes
  • Representing and supporting victims and their families in these proceedings.

Empowering victims

The trauma of sexual violence is profound and unique, with multiple consequences that need to be understood in order to eradiquate them. Following family exclusion and social stigmatization, victims are left without resources. WWoW wants to help victims rebuild their lives and return to their rightful place in society.

It is essential not to reduce these people to their status of victim but rather to highlight their strenght, their will to fight and their determination.