Conflict situations and the absence of the rule of law create a situation in which insecurity and thus impunity prevail. It is in this context that rape becomes a mass crime issue, and it is therefore necessary to work also on preventive measures.

With little or no access to justice and care, the stigma and trauma that rape generates cannot be treated immediately as it should. The victims then hide in silence, the evidence disappears and this crime becomes a perfect crime, impossible to prove. A kind of collective silence coupled with the taboo linked to sexual violence deprives victims of a voice and a response to the crimes committed.

Over 90 per cent of rape victims are in inaccessible areas. At worst, they are never identified; at best, they are identified and located but several weeks or even several months after the perpetration of the crime.


Because war rape serves specific purposes, because it is a planned and organized weapon that makes it a crime in all its forms.