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Because the fight against sexual violence requires global and coordinated action, we are working to raise awareness among the global public and mobilize national and international stakeholders around this issue.

We organize awareness-raising events, particularly among politicians and civil society.

On March 26 and 27, 2019, WWoW co-organized with the Mukwege Foundation, the Luxembourg Forum Stand Speak Rise Up, initiated by HRH the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. For the first time, this event brought together professionals from the sector and institutional managers, but also forty survivors from eighteen countries.

We collaborate with international institutions, in particular the United Nations with which we work on the elaboration and development of the Global Fund for Survivors of Sexual Violence Related to Conflict.

We are action partners for the improvement of international criminal law relating to sexual violence. Since June 2019, WWoW has partnered with the Call It What It Is campaign of the NGO Women's Initiative for Gender Justice to clarify the notion of “sexual violence” in the Rome Statute and develop a definition of what sexual violence could include, as well as a non-exhaustive list of acts that may be considered "of a sexual nature".

Through these actions, we contribute to highlighting the problem of sexual violence linked to conflict, to the development of public policies for the protection of survivors and to the improvement of international criminal justice.

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