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Since its establishment in 2014, WWoW has cultivated an extensive network of partners, which has empowered the organization to create and implement its digital tool, BackUp, dedicated to addressing conflict-related sexual violence.

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the backup tool

We Are NOT Weapons of War is taking an innovative approach using new technologies to provide a holistic response against the endemic use of rape during conflict. To do this, together with Intech Lux, a Luxembourg company, WWoW has developed its digital tool BackUp. Thanks to this partnership that began in 2018, BackUp is now operational and enables survivors to report and be identified, to secure information and to coordinate and facilitate their access to medical, psychosocial and legal services. To make a significant impact, BackUp still requires substantial funding for the period 2023-2025.

Céline Bardet, founder and president of WWoW, received the Les Margaret Digital Woman Award from the Journée de la Femme Digitale (JFD), the UNESCO Outstanding Woman in Technology Award and the Digital Transformation Trophy for the development of BackUp. In June 2023, she received the Etat de Droit award from Union Internationale des Avocats and Lexis Nexis.


WWoW, and the BackUp project in particular, are funded and supported by : 

  • The Luxembourg Ministry of Cooperation through its Business Partnership Facility programme: which financed the finalisation phase of the tool in 2020 and 2021 and enabled BackUp to become operational.

  • The Bars of Geneva, Hauts de Seine, Brussels and Mons through the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA). 

  • The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) through its Direction de l'Innovation: which has financed the BackUp deployment project in two pilot areas, Guinea-Conakry in May 2019 and Burundi/Rwanda in September 2019 and February 2020.

  • The Prairial Foundation: the grant awarded by the Prairial Foundation was essential to the development of WWoW, enabling it to begin its seed phase and pre-structure itself so that it can move on to a more professional scale.

  • Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, her foundation and her association Stand Speak Rise Up, at the International Forum against Sexual Violence in War Zones, in Luxembourg in March 2019.

  • David and Mehra Rimer, private donors.

  • All our "small" donors who create rivers with their drops of water!


BackUp is also supported by the International Association of Lawyers and by the Office of the United Nations Special Representative for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict, as well as by Nobel Peace Prize winners Denis Mukwege and his foundation and Nadia Murad.

WWoW also works with numerous local and international partners such as Trial International, Avocats sans frontières (Belgium and Canada), Bibliothèque Sans Frontières, Loba, Equipop, the Limbo association, the French Senate and National Assembly, the High Council for Equality between Women and Men, etc. (Non-exhaustive list).

For the regional deployment of BackUp, WWoW collaborates with local partners, serving as crucial intermediaries for its on-ground implementation. These partners encompass a diverse range of civil society organizations (CSOs) and survivors, including the global network of survivors of sexual violence, SEMA.

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