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Foster A Survivor

After identifying survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, WWoW's mission is to support them

in their  journey of resilience.

Why this programme? 

Today, sexual violence in conflicts has raised several major issues, in particular the question of viable and sustainable socio-economic reintegration for victims of sexual violence, and their emergence from "victim status". Indeed, most of them do not use the term "victim" and only refer to it for legal purposes or in terms of recognition by the State of what they have experienced. They see themselves more as survivors who want to live, develop and succeed in spite of the adversity they have endured. There is therefore a real potential for socio-economic reintegration for these people. 


WWoW is therefore convinced that, after receiving the necessary and appropriate medical and psychological help, survivors of sexual violence must be encouraged to (re)become active players in their own lives, driving forces in society and creators of added value. In particular, so that they are not relegated to the status of victim.  Even today, too many survivors, even years later, are defined and presented as victims. We are not defined solely by what happens to us, and many people in the field express this suffering, which is sometimes fuelled by the NGOs themselves. Helping the men and women affected by wartime rape to develop their professional potential and become leaders in their communities will enable them to change the way wartime rape is viewed, to encourage people to live together and to leave behind the status of victim. To this end, micro-economic reconstruction through the support of a project makes this transition possible. On average, it takes two to three years for a survivor to resume a full and independent socio-economic life.

How does the programme work?

As part of its mission to support and empower survivors, WWoW has set up a programme to support and accompany their initiatives. The Foster A Survivor programme provides holistic care that integrates a medical, psychological, legal and socio-economic response to help survivors reintegrate into society


Foster A Survivor works on the basis of a relationship between a private individual, a company or a public body and a victim of sexual violence. The private individual, company or public body supports the survivor by providing financial assistance, skills sponsorship, an offer of a trainee contract or other support. WWoW and our local partners support and monitor all these steps. Because sexual violence also raises the issue of children born as a result of rape, this programme also includes projects to encourage the integration of these children, particularly through schooling

This programme contributes to the economic and social reintegration of these women and men, as well as their communities. It helps the beneficiaries to take back control of their lives and develop personal and professional projects. Foster A Survivor helps to change the way victims of sexual violence are viewed and to create inspirational role models for other survivors and beyond. 

The digital platform

In order to quickly and easily put survivors in touch with an individual, a company or a public body, WWoW wants to create a digital platform that will present survivors' projects and the needs they have to meet. This platform is not a common fund but a personalised sponsorship. The Foster A Survivor programme involves long-term monitoring of each survivor's personal project by the WWoW team and sponsors via this digital platform. The informal experiments set up since 2016 have shown just how necessary and valuable this type of programme is.

This platform is currently under development and requires funds that WWoW does not yet have.

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