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Innovation and digital at the service of victims and justice  

​A web application for victims and witnesses to report serious crimes anywhere in the world. Answer questions and send photos, videos or audio. All your data is stored on an ultra-secure server and analysed for holistic care, reporting and, if you wish, legal action. 


The major issues that led to the creation of the digital BackUp tool 

  • Victims have little access to emergency care and cannot report crimes.

  • There is a lack of coordination among professionals in the field.

  • The preservation of evidence (judicial or otherwise) is not guaranteed. 

  • Digital tools for safeguarding and securing information are not adapted to the context, nor to the absorption capacity of local players. 

  • Data on the extent of sexual violence linked to armed conflicts around the world and the number of victims are not reliable and are not based on any empirical studies. 

Map crime in real time. Predict. Prevent. 

Based on reports made via the web-application, BackUp provides a complete map of crime locations, victim and perpetrator profiles, prevalence areas, etc. In real time, the ultra-secure back office managed by WWoW (which incorporates an Application Programming Interface system - API - for local partners wishing to manage certain cases autonomously), is an analysis tool that lists data by type and category. Ultimately, the more reports there are, and therefore the more data, the better we will be able to predict where crimes are being committed, and even prevent them.

Reporting and warning about crime 


Through a short online questionnaire, accessible via the web-app, whether you are a victim or a witness (eyewitness, journalist, activist, rights defender, association, doctor, etc.), BackUp will guide you through the process. You can decide whether you prefer to respond to the questions asked or not.

Report or share information about crimes.


Safeguarding information

The information gathered is collected and stored on an ultra-protected server abroad, which guarantees your safety and the security of your data. The integration of specific technologies makes your data unalterable. If you wish to take legal action, this data can be used as evidence in legal proceedings. Anonymised, the data can also be used for international reporting and public advocacy.

Non-repudiation and unaltered proof.

Putting skilled professionals and victims in touch with each other 

When a victim is reported via BackUp, local networks of professionals identified in advance by our teams are deployed to help the victims. Similarly, when alerts are issued about crimes already committed or in progress, these pre-identified local networks swing into action to provide assistance. BackUp makes it possible to rethink the chain of care, so that professionals go to the victims and not the other way round. 


Improving the quality of the information collected

Internationally renowned judicial experts, victims of serious crimes, academics, legal professionals, medical and psychosocial experts, and institutional representatives all have contributed to the development of the web application form. This way, it is perfectly tailored to the needs of victims requiring assistance and to anyone wishing to share and protect information. Thus, thanks to BackUp, the collected data is consistent, relevant, and of higher quality, improving diagnosis of emergencies or for reporting and legal proceedings.

BackUp is a tool based on in-depth knowledge of the field. 

Empowering local actors on the ground and fighting impunity

BackUp is a tool designed with and for local actors. It is a means of simplifying, accelerating and empowering the handling, collection, securing and analysis of information transferred in real time. In the long run, if BackUp is known and used by everyone, it will allow victims around the world to exist, to have a voice. Whistle-blowers will be protected and crimes will be reported.

Generally speaking, BackUp enables the cooperation with other NGOs, international organisations and judicial institutions (such as specialised police and judicial centres). Its semi-automated reporting system facilitates the work of journalists, (inter)national bodies, NGOs, etc.




For victims and anyone else wishing to report a victim or share and secure information about crimes. 

Secure and continuously accessible via any device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.), it is intended for survivors who wish to report and be assisted by the local relays set up by WWoW (medical, psychosocial and legal services), relatives who wish to report them, and for third parties (witnesses, activists, journalists, doctors, researchers, etc.) who wish to alert WWoW to the commission of a crime and its perpetrator by transmitting, saving and securing this information.

How to use BackUp?

From ideation to technical development of BackUp


David et Mehra RIMER

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