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Emergency support for over 50 survivors due to the Covid crisis. Sponsorship of education for Vimbai, who graduated top of her class. Ongoing assistance for 8 survivors through the Foster a Survivor program, and support for 5 children born of rape."

1,397 interventions in 8 years, i.e. international and national media, International conferences, European Union, UN, World Peace Forum, Universities and hearings, Senate, EESC, National Assembly

2018/2019 Winner SHARE IT Incubation programme, 18 months at Station F

2018 Microsoft Digital Transformation Award

2018 Margaret Femme Digitale JFD Prize 2019 UNESCO Prize 

2020/2021 Winner of the Business Partnership Facility for €200,000.

2023 State of Law Award Union Internationale des Avocats UIA IA Lexis Nexis 2023

March 2019 Co-organisation with the Mukwege Foundation and on the initiative of HRH The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg of the Stand Speak Rise Up Forum

November 2019 Presentation of BackUp at the UIA International Congress 

October 2022 Special guest Céline Bardet and Denis Mukwege at the UIA International Congress in Dakar

Ideation BackUp 2017

Development 2018 

Alpha version BackUp 2019

Field pilot phase 2020/2021 

New improved and operational version 2023

New website 2023 

Real test launch BackUp Beta production version 6 integrated languages and 25 vernacular languages to come and an information function 2023 /2024



Since its creation in 2014, WWoW has significantly contributed to raising awareness about sexual violence as a global public issue. Becoming highly publicized, WWoW's advocacy has influenced public authorities and alerted the international community to this matter.

As part of its Foster A Survivor Programme, WWoW has been supporting Mildred and her daughter Vimbai since 2014 who was raped during the political unrest in Zimbabwe in 2007.

Through its Foster A Survivor programme, WWoW is helping Audace, a Burundian refugee in Rwanda and victim of sexual violence, to resume and continue his studies.


In 2014, WWoW began a major and highly productive collaboration and documentation project with Libyan human rights defenders. This network now includes almost 100 individuals and 10 civil society organisations.

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