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In the context of its Foster A Survivor program, WWoW has provided personalized and long-term support to survivors of sexual violence related to conflicts. Now, WWoW primarily focuses on identifying new victims and mobilizing its network to redirect them to specialized organizations for their care. This support aims to facilitate the social reintegration of these individuals and has already had significant impacts on the lives of those assisted by WWoW.


Graduate in economics in Burundi. Audace was a victim of sexual violence and other forms of political torture in Burundi. He was granted refugee status in Rwanda. 

Since his arrival, he has dreamed of resuming his Master's studies and learning English. In a year and a half, he has already obtained a C1 level diploma in English and graduated  from the University of Kigali in Public Administration (MBA) in June 2022.




Audace fled Burundi in 2017, having been a victim of numerous persecutions, torture, and sexual violence following the events of 2015. He sought refuge in Rwanda. Thanks to the support of WWoW, Audace embarked on an intensive English training in January 2020, which enabled him to enroll in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at the University of Kigali. Ultimately, Audace aims to join an administrative structure, and WWoW has committed to supporting him throughout this process by funding his studies and daily needs during these years. With this assistance, Audace was able to purchase a laptop and has internet access, allowing him to deepen his English learning and benefit from online resources. He successfully completed his diploma in June 2022 and is now entering the professional world. Audace is currently financially independent.

WWoW also facilitated Audace's participation in an online conference on June 19, 2020, organized by WWoW in collaboration with HEIP, during which he was able to share his journey. After all these years, Audace began to speak in public and share his experiences. This transition was crucial for him, aiding in his journey to reclaim his life.

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